Buttocks & Hip Enhancement

Buttocks Enhancement

A non-invasive procedure to enhance the appearance of the buttocks without the need of silicone injections or surgery. This treatment works by moving fat cells from other areas of the body into the butt tissue, therefore making the butt more developed.

This also lifts the buttocks, contours your lower body, and increase volume using your own fat. The vacuum device targets a combination of the muscles, fat, and skin to improve roundness and firmness of your behind. The results initially last around 7-10 days, the more sessions you have the longer the results last. Results vary from person to person but with repeated use you could build up to 2 years. Sessions needed to see max results 10-12. This treatment can cause mild redness, and bruising.

Hip Enhancement

A non-invasive procedure to enlarge hips by mobilizing fat cells from other areas from the body onto the hips area to enhance the appearance of the hips. Recommended sessions to see max results is 10-12 sessions.

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